Août 30 2008
Imdb link transformer wordpress plugin

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What’s that ?

IMDb link transformer aims to ease the movies information search process, for both the blog writer and the blog reader. All movies’s names which are tagged between
are automatically turned into an url. This url can open a new window (a popup) containing many useful data related to the movie itself. IMDb link transformer transforms all the words you tagged into links to an informative windows. It means one can view the filmmaker, the casting or the goofs that website includes with one click; it can show either the director or the movie related data (biography, filmography, miscellaneous related to the director; casting, goofs, AKA titles, crew and many others related to the movie).

Example: 2001, a space odyssey (click the link, and browse). Or you can alternatively have a glance to this movie page reviews. The popup contains a (few) words in French, because this blog currently uses that language. But please note Imdb link transformer supports already English and Portuguese; if you want to translate the plugin into your language, use the comment field below or drop me a mail sorry, I hate spam).

This plugin also add displays buttons in writing interfaces (both HTML and Visual).

You can also activate the imdb link transformer widget, which will display information parsed from IMDb straight on your sidebar (or where is attached your widget). After activating the widget, every time you will add the key « imdb-movie-widget » to the custom field to your message *and* the name of the movie to « value », the information related to selected movie will be displayed on the sidebar.

In the same way, this plugin can display many movie’s related data inside a post, when putting a movie name in [ imdblt][ /imdblt] tags (remove spaces). No widget needed, and movie’s data can be displayed anywhere inside posts.

IMDb link transformer is a great tool to inform yourself and to provide many trivias on your post! It is very versatile and multi-functional. Blogger can display data in many ways (popup, widget, straight into the post), and can fine-tune data with admin options and css.


Imdb link transformer v. 2.3.2

How to install


1. Unzip and put the « imdb-link-transformer » folder into your plugin folder (usually wp-content/plugins/)
2. Activate the plugin (using the settings tab from admin board)
3. Configure the plugin (settings admin board). Values should be automatically completed, but check them anyway.
4. Create the cache directories (cache and photo directories). The plugin is preconfigured to work with « /wp-content/cache/imdb » and « /wp-content/cache/imdb/images ». Deactivate the cache (advanced – cache management section) otherwise, if you don’t want to use the cache. Either you use or you don’t, the plugin will work – but be aware that without cache, process will take a long time, each time…
5. Give read & write permissions to these two cache directories (see 4).

basic options

0. There are three ways to use IMDb link transformer: popup link creator, widget and inside a post. Each option can be combined with any other, as blogger wants; there is no limitation, feel you free to use all three at once!
1. When writing your post, add either <!–imdb–>nameMovie<!–/imdb–> tags to your movie’s name (if you disabled visual editor, and that you have HTML interface) or click on imdb link transformer’s button after selecting the movie’s name. As a result of this, a link which will open a popup will be created. The popup contains many data and is extensively browsable.
2. Widget can be activated, and used in a way where informations will be displayed inside it. Once widget is activated, look closely to select what you want to display on your sidebar: options are available on imdb admin settings tab. Also add « imdb-movie-widget » or « imdb-movie-widget-bymid » to your message’s custom field; the value you will add will be the movie that will be displayed inside the widget. Check faqs.
3. (new) The plugin can now show IMDb data inside a post. When writing your post, put the movie name inside tags [ imdblt][ /imdblt] (which gives ie [ imdblt]Fight club[ /imdblt]). No third party plugin needed anymore.
You may also edit the « /* —- imdbincluded */ » part from imdb.css to customize layout according your taste.

Fine tuning:

1. The files inc/, popup.php, imdb_movie.php and imdb_person.php could be modified to match your theme; check also /css/imdb.css if you want to customize default theme.
2. A (front) page can be created to include all you movies’ related messages. Have a look there : personal critics page.
3. If your language is not included… translate .po file (inside /lang directory) to yours! And send it to me, of course, thus many people would enjoy IMDb in a new language.


1. If you are not interested in having links opening popup windows but look only for informations displayed (both in widget and posts), look for « widget options / Remove popup links? » and switch the option to « yes ». There will be no more links opening a popup (both in widget and posts).


1. Remove the old IMDb link transformer and install the new. Or use the automated update from wordpress.
2. Go to the IMDb link transformer settings, and click on « reset ».


How to add the imdb widget ?

First, go to « design », « widget », add « imdb widget » to a sidbar (click on « add »), and change the box’s title (in case you don’t want to have the box named « IMDb data »).

Secondly, open an old post (or write a new) and add the key « imdb-movie-widget » to the custom field of your message *and* the name of the movie you want to display to « value ». IMDb link transformer will automatically display into the widget the movie selected.

Another possibility : add to your post the key « imdb-movie-widget-bymid » into the custom field from your message *and* the IMDb ID for the movie you want to be displayed on your sidebar to « value ». Instead of looking for a name, IMDb link transformer would directly display the movie you want to display. Very handy when your movie’s name doesn’t work as it should (if there are many movies with the same name, the wrong movie is displayed, etc). To get the movie’s IMDb id, search for a title on IMDb website, look at the adress bar for a « ttXXXXX » section, keep only the number part (XXXXX) and add result to the « value » meta field. However, in this specific case, do not mix with an « imdb-movie-widget » key neither add several « imdb-movie-widget-bymid » fields. Only the first one will be displayed.

How to display movie data inside my message?

When writing your post, put the movie name inside tags [ imdblt][ /imdblt] (remove spaces).

I don’t want to have links to a popup window!

Look for « imdb settings / widget options / Remove popup links? » and switch the option to « yes ». No links anymore, for both widget and inside a post.

Can I suggest a feature/report a bug regarding the plugin?

Of course, let a message right here.

How to support ?

Under the GPL licence, « IMDb link transformer » is based on the classes coming from imdbphp project. However, a huge customization work has been required to implement it to wordpress; many new features have been developed as well. If you feel somewhat generous, please click paypal image (from plugin settings).

Known issues

1. When the imdb widget is put under another widget display a list (ie, « recent posts » plugin), the widget won’t display what it should. Actually, it won’t display anything. **Workaround:** put the imdb widget one level above the widget calling a list.

2. If you activate both « Display highslide popup » option and in Next-Gen Gallery’s highslide effect option, NGG picture display will be broken. **Workaround:** Do not use « Display highslide popup » option or use another effect option for NGG.

3. Moviepilot is not working anymore. But Izzy’s working on it.

4. Biographies are no more retrieved. Izzy’s warned.

Release history

Check the changelog here

Special thanks

Well, maybe Izzy, who made the IMDb class available?
Also thanks to Murillo Ferrari for the Brazilian translation, to Andrés Cabrera for the Spanish translation, to Peter for the Bulgarian translation, and to Web Geek Sciense for the Romanian’s.

Before asking for help or improvements here

1/ Have you read the extensive help provided with the plugin? Have you had a look at FAQs and How-to, from « help » IMDb LT menu?
2/ Please explain your issue and report the basics: what’s the name of the movie you have a problem with, is the issue happening for all movies or only for the one you mention, which imdb address do you use (, french imdb, uk imdb), have you tried the « Debug mode » (general options-advanced-misc-debug mode), what are your IMDb LT, PHP, apache and wordpress versions, have you tried to unactivate all your plugins but IMDB LT, etc.

Please bear with me, I won’t answer messages which don’t comply with these points.

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363 commentaires sur “Imdb link transformer wordpress plugin”

  1. Thanks for much for creating one of the best WordPress plugins I’ve ever used! Thanks for all the hard work! This really is incredible!

    A couple of issues:

    1) I keep on getting « No Photo Available » where the poster/cover should be. Is this a known issue and how do I change this?

    2) What’s the long term nature of this plugin like? If imdb changes the way it presents its links, will all of our information be lost on our sites?

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks for such kind words, Matt!

      1/ Please be more specific. Can’t help with so few informations.

      2/ IMDb changes its presentations every month (or so). This plugin is actively supported since 3 years (or so). Regardless with these facts, I perfectly understand your fear: it is why under « cache management » admin option you may choose to keep *forever* your cache.

      • Hi,

        This is what I mean regarding point 1:

        If you check my site in that link, you’ll see the entry for the film « Kids » doesn’t display a poster image. It’s the same for all the films I’ve tried it with. Am I doing something wrong?


      • which imdb lt release, which php version, have you tried « Debug mode » (general options-advanced-misc-debug mode), which imdb address do you use (, french imdb, uk imdb), please.

  2. Hello,

    I’m trying to activate IMDB on my web site, but it seems to not want to work with the WP to Twitter plugin

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare plugin_action() (previously declared in /xxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/wp-to-twitter/wp-to-twitter.php on line 1064) in /xxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/imdb-link-transformer/inc/widget.php:104

  3. Hi, I want to show only thumbnails of movies on homepage but complete imformation on single.php files. how can I do this? thanks

  4. Hi JCV.

    I’ve noticed that the plugin has recently stopped returning the IMDB rating. I’ve deleted the cache but no difference. (I’ve made the odd code change but I don’t think I’ve affected anything important). Is it just me or is anyone else getting this problem?


  5. I love this plugin with only one exception. I use this plguin for custom fields on the right side widgets. I works great except for all popup links for actors, directors and so on do not display any image. It only shows the default no image available. Why is this? Or, how can I fix this? Any suggestions?

    Still, a great plugin overall! I will continue to donate once the image problem is fixed.

  6. will updating imdb link transformer affect file? beacause i made changes to it, i’m hesitating to update the plugin because i’m afraid it will revert everything back.

    i also have a suggestion if ever you release a new update, it would be great if you can choose what informations to show on the imdb widget and post. like i want to show the director, actors, writers, image on the widget only and show plot, quotes, trivias, etc. inside the post. thanks for the great plugin! 🙂

    • will updating imdb link transformer affect file?

      yes, it will update file.

      it would be great if you can choose what informations to show on the imdb widget and post.

      what do you mean? you already have such options…

      • what i mean is there’s a separate option for widget and post. for example, i want to show the image, director, actors and writers on the widget only and the movie plot, quotes, and trivia inside the post

      • unfortunately, there is no way to get the plugin working this way. It would require new development, and time I don’t have right now.

        However, I note your request for a later development.

  7. hi! i really love your plugin but i think there’s a problem with it, sometimes it doesn’t retrieve the plot of the movie. any way to resolve this? i also have a suggestion, can you make the plugin to automatically retrieve a movie from imdb and make a post? i know this would be a tedious work, but you can make it as a premium feature so that your hard work will be compensated. just a suggestion 🙂

  8. Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge to improve the loop.

    I’m not a developer (not at all)…

    • Salut jcv,

      again, I thank you for the great work and I am still grateful for the support you try to give here even with other projects in mind.

      You just need to replace the function is_multiArrayEmpty() in inc/functions.php line 109 with the one mentioned here: (there it is called « array_empty »).

      It works the same, but faster and appears to not be buggy.

      So long,

      • thanks a lot, fha. Next imdblt release will include the new faster empty mulitarrays you provided. It seems to work perfectly and much faster at time.

        I have to intensively test it, yet. But looks very promising!

  9. Salut,
    thanks for this great WP plugin. Here is how I use it: I have a WP theme which looks for either the IMDB Id in a specific custom field or a movie’s title in the posting’s title field. If found, the output of imdb-link-transformer is added to the posting and other content – even post listings like archive or search – is ignored.

    However, after using the plugin for half a year already, I just found a small bug, possibly occurring very rarely. It happened with the movie 0076759 (Star Wars Ep. IV) which throws a long error message (too many recursions). Trace log revealed a problem in file inc/, ln 500, function is_multiArrayEmpty.

    I tried to check it myself, but don’t have too much time to look for the real cause of error. I fixed it with using a better loop, though, you can find a similar function also posted on,


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