Imdb link transformer wordpress plugin

imdb link transformer screenshot popup and widget

What’s that ? IMDb link transformer aims to ease the movies information search process, for both the blog writer and the blog reader. All movies’s names which are tagged between <!–imdb–>nameMovie<!–/imdb–> are automatically turned into an url. This url can open a new window (a popup) containing many useful data related to the movie itself. IMDb link transformer transforms all the words you tagged into links to an informative windows. It means one can view the filmmaker, the casting or the goofs that website includes with one click; it can show either the director or the movie related data…

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imdb wordpress plugin – is there any dev interested in?

Since somewhat a year, I don’t develop anymore a wordpress plugin displaying imdb links on demand. Easy to use, it is a bit tricky to develop, and I don’t have enough spare time to continue the work. If you are an experimented wordpress plugin developer, this may be of interest. It has nothing to do with RunMovie plugin, which display movies’ references only to the admin. The purpose of the plugin is to create an internal link which, if clicked, will show information related to selected title. The end use is the easiest part : when writing your post, put…

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