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  Solar system

The goal here is to index what is the best stuff for Celestia. Existing textures are very numerous, but only the highest resolutions, getting the highest feelings; -) will be retained.

It goes without saying that you'd better to have a very recent graphics board (and preferably Nvidia, if not one very very recent ATI to read dds files ) and place on its HD.

Locations Locations are ssc files allowing to indicate some positions on a body (generally speaking, a planet). That's i.e. to indicate on the Earth the greats capitals, great naturals parks, or even Marineris Valley and Olympus mons on Mars.

[ Télécharger ] 91.77 Kb
BetterMinorMoons Minormoons are a set of solar system moons, very very improved. I've included a modified ssc file to consider the many changes that come with the last Celestia version.

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - auteur du plugin ] 21.98 Mb
quaoar_up Quaoar was a reliable pretender to be the tenth solar system planet. Today, Sedna planetoid take on this part.

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - Visionnez-le dans VOTRE Celestia (si vous l'avez) ] 1.55 Mb
Sedna Sedna is the planetoid after everyone focus nowadays. Tenth planet or not ? Academic contreversy, since the astrophysicists are not unanimous about what is a planet.

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - Visionnez-le dans VOTRE Celestia (si vous l'avez) - auteur du plugin ] 3.53 Mb
Grids TCA Latitude-longitude grid : with this overlay texture, you'll be able to show the coordinates directy over every planet or major moon. No more need for a compass !

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - auteur du plugin ] 80.12 Kb
comparisonmaps Comparison maps : this add-on creates a set of alternate surface textures which superimpose maps of familiar terrestrial locations, on various solar system objects (mapped planets or moons with radii > 100km).

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - auteur du plugin ] 304.48 Kb
MajorMoons Majormoons addon include the solar system greatest moons, mostly extrapolated maps. It's very well done, and since they are made to be alternative maps, the installation run without trouble; it would be a shame to deprive oneself. 3ds file included.

The ssc file has been made by myself, since theses maps were made to replace the orginals ones. However, the actual Celestia doesn't take in charge the alternatives clouds, so Titan clouds, which are new, wouldn't be displayed (anyway, you could change the solarsys.ssc, in the classic way).

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - auteur du plugin ] 14.41 Mb
flare I never liked the unrealistics solar crowns around stars, even around our sun. This is a new, unofficial, texture to replace the current crown.

You just have to rename the old texture flare.jpg, located in Celestia/textures/flare.jpg, and to add the new one in same place.

[ Télécharger - auteur du plugin ] 2.74 Kb
sun_rthorvalds Moving textures land on Celestia with that awfull solar eruptions addon !

Truly incredible, on may see Sun projecting its material. That damn good effect is made by an odd job : using the Celestia possibility to make clouds, the clouds move especially made give the feeling that we are seeing to solar eruptions. Moreover, virtual textures have been made to great close-up around the Sun !

Great work, it's worth the download.

[ Télécharger - Télécharger avec eMule - auteur du plugin ] 136.03 Mb